Author, Husband, Dog parent, Runner, Gamer, Reader, You Get It... 


Channing Cornwall is the author of five novels, THE WORLD CARRIED ON, KINGDOM IN THE SKY, IN ROMANTIC DREAMS, DESOLATE PAGES, and HELL CAME WITH HER.  He's also produced a short story collection, WOLVES, a poetry collection, THE FAMILY GHOST, and a play, APARTMENT OF THE FEIGN.  He's been an avid writer and reader since childhood, when he was stapling pieces of notebook paper together in order to write his own comic books.  When his head isn't in the clouds, piecing together his next story, he spends his time with his wife, Vanessa, and their two pups, Dizzy and Reese.

You can catch his, somewhat frequent, blurbs or random thoughts on Twitter under the handle @NovelScheme.